hi guys!

I've been to a lot of vintage markets lately. This is super fun to do and I really recommend you give it a try! What I find very nice markets are especially the Ijhallen (I am here myself from time to time), Waterlooplein and the Noordermarkt. So I have a few tips for you if you plan to go here!

  • Check out the men's section
  • The men's department often also has nice items for women. I personally find them even more fun because of the oversized fit. I especially think the blazers and boyfriend jeans are must-haves!

  • Try different sizes
  • What I personally really notice is that sizes in vintage clothing really differ enormously. An XL can sometimes also fall like an M, for example. Many people immediately give up with the wrong size, so this is an opportunity for you!

  • Negotiate on price
  • No you have and yes you can always get! So always try to haggle. Often you can also get a bigger discount if you take multiple items.

  • Look beyond what you see
  • I often see items passing by that don't look very valuable at first. But if you look long enough, you can sometimes still make something out of it in your head. That is why I sometimes also buy items that I then have modified at sewing workshops, for example. (Often these are very basic items to which I add some more intense details.)

  • Get to the venue early
  • I also really notice that you usually have to go early. Then most of the pearls are still there and you can browse around.

    Have fun thrifting!

    November 02, 2022 — Maren Boon