Hi everyone !

I am Maren Boon, 19 years old and born in Amsterdam. When I was young we moved to Apeldoorn, where I also spent my childhood. As a child, I was never really a girl-girl. On the contrary, I always preferred to wear the clothes my brother wore. As long as it's comfortable and doesn't have too much fuss, so that I could easily start playing in it. Things like dresses or skirts were really a big no-go for me. So I could start telling a really nice story here that I've been interested in clothes since childhood, but in reality it certainly hasn't always been that way.

When I went to high school I found it very difficult to choose something that I thought would be fun for the future. I struggled a lot with myself and what exactly I wanted. I actually didn't do anything right in my eyes. I got low grades, didn't do sports and didn't have a fun hobby that I could get my happiness from. I decided to stay put and go down a level. Because I now had more free time, I decided to do something for myself. Together with my father I went to brainstorm about the possibilities in 2020. Together we came up with the idea of starting an insta company for second-hand clothing. Vintage clothing is completely of this time. It started very well and got better and better. A year later I got my diploma and was very proud of myself. Finally everything turned out the way I had envisioned it.

After high school I started studying 'international business' in Deventer. I was totally out of place here, I soon found out. So I went to a fair in Utrecht to look for other options. This is where I came across my new school where I have now almost completed my first year. I am now doing the 'entrepreneurship' course in my beautiful birthplace Amsterdam. Here they help me with my business and I am surrounded by people who do the same. So I'm definitely in my place here.

Over the years I have developed my own clothing style, which is not really a style. I really have all styles of everything in my closet and often combine the craziest things with each other. As I said as a child I was more of a girl with a boy style. That is also something I want to give with my clothing. You will find something of all styles on this site. Everything is therefore unisex and can be worn by everyone. It is therefore often not typical things that everyone wears. Each item is unique and only you can be seen wearing it. How nice is that?!

I am therefore very enthusiastic about the idea and am happy to work on it. On the website there will be a choice of different blogs and I will share my personal life via Youtube. This way you get a glimpse into my life. This is how I share how I score my vintage items, tips & tricks about anything and everything, trips abroad and you name it!

I wish you a lot of viewing and reading pleasure and hope that I can see you in my selected items! :)